Announcement #2: Farewell

This site was hacked a few weeks ago and I spent several hours putting it back. In the course of doing so I wondered what for. There was no obvious answer so I have decided to discontinue this weblog, which I started more that four years ago.

A personal presence on the web has become common and in general I feel I have leveraged the net enough in the last few years. At present, I am not sure about the need to express myself here in this form and after some contemplation concluded that discontinuing this is the right thing to do. Even writing these words makes me feel uncomfortable, but then, let’s give it one last post.

What will happen next? I will switch from Web 2.0 to Life 1.0, go private instead of public, talk to friends, family and people directly on specific issues instead of throwing out thoughts to nowhere. When there is too much content and too little thought, it is time to move on.

I will take down the top-level parts of the site and all content in the coming weeks and will replace with something else, probably some sort of modest and minimalistic photoblog that I have on my mind. Naturally the Web Shop will remain unaffected by this and continue operating as normal, although I will retire most of the gallery too, except for those parts which are linked to from other sites.

Many thanks. Sayonara.