Japan Exposures would like to express their sincere appreciation to the following individuals for their contributions to the site. We are very grateful that others share our enthusiasm for Japanese photography and make the effort to express this in writing for us to share with the rest of the world.

Thank you.

Dan AbbeDan Abbe lives in Tokyo and writes a blog about photography called Street Level Japan.View Dan’s posts and articles on Japan Exposures
Wayne BremserWayne Bremser is a web designer and photographer based in San Francisco.

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Silas DomineySilas Dominey graduated from Leeds College of Art’s BA Photography Programme and currently works as a freelance photo assistant. His work can be seen at

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Fujifilm GF670 Professional goes MonsoonMichael Dougan is a 40 years old Scotsman who has been living in the Philippines for over 6 years. He is married to a beautiful Filipina and father to a son. He is currently working on the scientific drillship Chikyu in Japan, but has been in the offshore oil and gas drilling industry for 20 years. He is heavily involved as one of the organizers of Rangefinder Filipinas, keeping the passion for film photography burning in the Philippines.

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Tyler EnsrudeTyler Ensrude is a contributing photographer and writer from the U.S. currently residing in Tokyo. His work can be seen at and

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Lars EpsteinLars Epstein is a Swedish photographer and journalist, now retired. He has worked for 35 years at Sweden’s biggest daily morning paper Dagens Nyheter (Daily News), where he now has a photo blog.

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Christoph Hammann is a fine art photographer from Waltershausen, Germany. He works with traditional film and silver halide papers as well as digital post-processing and alternative printing techniques. His website is “Mostly Black & White”.

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Marc Hohmann is the owner and Creative Director of Kon/struktur, a design and branding firm in New York. He has been involved with the branding of fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto’s identity in Japan, the development of Zero+Maria Cornejo’s label and store, and the store branding for Edité, a new New York version of Colette. Other clients include Evian, Telephónica, Amtrak Acela, Swatch, City of London, Swiss Re, Dell and Johnson & Johnson. Marc is also the chief editor of a style / art magazine called Famous Aspect. His work is very well received in Europe, the US and Japan and has been featured in magazines such as IDEA, Elle, Vogue, Soen, Composite, Spur, +81, Print, Nylon and more.

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Yu HidakaYu Hidaka is an Assistant Professor at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, where she teaches on visual culture. Her book, Reading Contemporary Photography: Toward Democratic Vistas, was published by Seikyu-sha in June, 2009. She has written on photography and other forms of visual media for various Japanese publications, including “Studio Voice” and “Asahi Camera”. She received her MA in the Course of Culture and Representation from Tokyo University.

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Barry KawaBarry Kawa was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in Clearfield, Utah. He has worked as a reporter, bureau chief and editor at the Ogden Standard-Examiner, Times of Gainesville (Ga.), Charlotte Observer, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Dallas Morning News before moving to Japan in 2001 with his wife, Yumiko. He now works at a Japanese newspaper, and has become an avid camera enthusiast and collector.

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John SypalJohn Sypal, born and raised in Nebraska, USA, currently living in Matsudo city (Chiba Pref.). John has been exhibiting his photographs widely in the US and in Japan. His photographs are frequently featured in Japanese photo magazines. He is currently a member of Machikata Sampo Shashin Doumei (Walking Photographers Alliance). John also enjoys meeting people and photographs their cameras for tokyo camera style.

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