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War Photographer

A tall, well-groomed man stands up, grabs two cameras and slings his backpack around one shoulder. He leaves his hotel room and goes to work. His work is photographing the killed, or not quite killed, the grieving, the impoverished, the under-privileged. This man is James Nachtwey, a self-declared war photographer for a career of around 20 years.

This close, very sensitively and in great detail directed documentary by Swiss director Christian Frei allows us a glimpse into the work of a man, whose pictures we either immediately recognise, or silently absorb. It is a glimpse, nothing more. It tells us something about the person James Nachtwey, but is mostly concerned with his work. The film seems fully in line with Nachtwey’s own mantra: don’t look at me, look at those people suffering from injustice, caused by the decisions made by others sitting in comfort, it is them who need your attention and awareness. And your speaking out for peace.
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