Nobuhiro Fukui – Juxtaposition

Nobuhiro Fukui - Juxtaposition

Nobuhiro Fukui was born in 1972 in Naruto City in Tokushima Prefecture. In 2004, he participated in a year-long workshop with photographer Osamu Kanemura. In addition to solo shows in Tokyo (2005) and Berlin (2006), Fukui showed work in two Tokyo Wonder Site group exhibitions (2007): Wonder Seeds 2007 and Tokyo Painting – My Little Everyday Sceneries. He currently lives and works in Tokyo.

The above image is taken from his series Juxtaposition and more from this series and his other work can be seen at Fukui’s website. He is represented by Tomio Koyama Gallery and on the gallery’s pages more information about his motivations and resulting photographs can be found. Of particular interest should be an interview with Nobuhiro Fukui on the Juxtaposition series.

Tokihiro Sato – Brooklyn Bridge (Gleaning Light Series)

Tokihiro Sato was born in 1957 in Yamagata Prefecture. He graduated in 1983 with a MFA in sculpture from Tokyo National University of the Arts. He is well known in Japan and in the rest of the world for his exploration of making photographs of landscapes or common spaces using very long exposures. He proceeded to the construction of various kinds of cameras, including a multiple pinhole camera, and their installation in public or generally “vacant” spaces.
Sato Multi-Pinhole camera
The above photograph of Brooklyn Bridge in New York from his Gleaning Light series (more examples here, see the last three colour images) was taken in 2005 with a multi-pinhole camera (follow the link for more images of the camera).

Since 1999 he has been an associate professor in the Department of Inter Media Art at the Tokyo National University of the Arts (known also as “Geidai”).

We have used copies of Sato’s 1997 book, Photo-Respiration, for sale in the bookstore.

Takayuki Igarashi – From the Series “Codes of Desire”

Takayuki Igarashi was born in 1977 in Yamagata prefecture, and currently lives in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science in 2004 with a Mathematics degree. Last year, he graduated from the School of Photograph | Picture | Image, which is part of Waseda University’s Art and Architecture School. The above image shot in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area — more from this series can be seen at Igarashi’s website — comes from a Shintaro Sato-led large format workshop that Igarashi took at the school last year. (Sato was previously featured last November on Japan Exposures). An exhibition of work done in the workshop, which was focused on capturing Tokyo, will be exhibited at Roonee Gallery in Tokyo from January 13 – 18, 2009.

Sachiko Kadoi – Birch & Paper Mill, Nayoro, Hokkaido 2004

Sachiko Kadoi was born in 1963 in Tokyo. She studied graphic design at Tama University of Art (Tokyo) from 1982-1986. In 2003-2004 she participated in Koji Onaka’s photography workshop. Since 2004 she has had solo exhibitions of her work at Place M, Up Field Gallery, and Sokyusha. Her first book Kadoi Sachiko: Photographs 2003-2008 was published in the Fall of 2008 by Sokyusha, and is available from the Japan Exposures book store.

Please be sure to also check out our interview with Kadoi, as well as a gallery of her work.

Naoki Ishikawa – Mt. Fuji

Naoki Ishikawa was born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan, and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Waseda University in 2002. Since the first book of his photography was published in 2003 (Pole to Pole, ChuoKoron Shinsha), he has published five additional books of his work, including Void (Knee High Media, 2005), New Dimension (AKAAKA, 2007) and Polar (Little More, 2007). This month sees the publication of two more bodies of work, Vernacular (AKAAKA) and Mt. Fuji (Little More), from which our Cover Photo is taken.

His work has been extensively exhibited since 2003, with solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka, and participation in group exhibitions in Japan as well as in Shanghai, Vienna, and Seoul. He won a Jun Miki Award in 2006 from Nikon Salon for his exhibition “The Void”, and this year was awarded both the Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan, as well as Kodansha Publishers Culture Award for Photography. To top off a busy 2008, Ishikawa completed his Ph.D. from Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently, Ishikawa is a Special Research Fellow at the Institute for Art Anthropology at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Tomoe Murakami – Water

MURAKAMI Tomoe. Murakami was born in 1980 in Chiba, Japan, and is a graduate from the Art and Literature department of Waseda University (2004). She was awarded a Jun Miki Prize in 2004, and completed a residency at the Vermont Studio Center in 2006. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Japan and abroad over the last four years. She currently lives and works in Tokyo, and is represented by Punctum Photo + Graphix Gallery in Tokyo, where her new work, including our cover photo, will be shown in a solo exhibition entitled “under the stars and the water”, running from November 22 to December 6th.