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Photos from Bali

It took a while, but here they finally are: pictures taken during our one week holiday in Bali, Indonesia in January. The reason for the delay is that we simply took too many pics: 4 rolls of film and over 100 with the digital. Editing and captioning those takes longer than you think. And even after an admittedly not very stringent edit, 156 pictures are left in the album. Yes, I could edit it down even harder, but hey, is there a better way to bore family and friends?

I admit I am pleasantly surprised by the trip, it was better than I expected. It was my first trip within Asia and across the equator. While we were travelling in the wet season (there are only two seasons there, wet and dry), the climate added a lot more character to the location. The lush green vegetation, humid air and exotic smells just came out tremendously, and if it is nice and warm one doesn’t mind a few big drops of rain.

We spent 4 days in a slightly “touristised” village named Ubud, the rest in a resort in Kuta at the coast (where the bomb went off). If you ever go, don’t bother with the beach and coastal area, unless you like monstrous development inflicted using the money of rich westerners. The hinterland is where it is at.

We were extremely lucky that our visit coincided with the holidays of Galungan, which is a Hindu festival taking place every six months. People dress up and decorate their houses, it was absolutely magnificent. Looking at the gallery, you may find that the series of photos are roughly categorisable into general impressions of buildings, vegetation and landscape, sights in the village of Ubud (palace, market etc), the beautiful rice paddies, street scenes and impressions from Galungan festival and photos from a Balinese Gamelan and Legong dance performance. We hope you like the photos.

As for technical details, images were either shot on Agfa Ultra 100 colour negative film and scanned by Fuji (and sadly over-sharpened as the artifacts show, but I pass it off as film grain here) and digitally using a Canon G2. When travelling from Japan we recommend specialist operator バリ王 (Bali Oh)