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I like it RAW

At FANCL, Takashimaya, Kashiwa
I was rather disappointed when I realised that despite supporting RAW file format in the latest version, iPhoto 5 does not read the pictures in RAW format off my Canon G2. See, I thought the file format depends on manufacturer, not camera model. So while the RAW files from other (read: more recent) Canon cameras are understood, the 3 year old G2 is not blessed with iPhoto support.

So much for my little retro journey into digital. Oh, and manual focus is really really terrible on it – first and last time I used it.

It also occurred to me that I am actually not anti-digital per se. I just don’t like the handling of most of the digital cameras out there when compared to a film rangefinder. And the idea of obsoleteness and dependency on somebody providing software is also not appealing.

This week I went to the used camera fair in Matsuya Ginza. It somehow left me cold. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mind set on the day. I popped over to the Apple store afterwards for a little browse and I realised that the camera show with their Leicas and all was full of old men, when life was buzzing down in the streets. Just a subjective impression.