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Web Shop on summer holidays

The Japan Exposures Book Shop has returned from its break and things are back to normal. Now it will be the general Web Shop’s turn to take a holiday, which will be from August 10th until September 10th. However, there is a good chance that you won’t notice much of it as we will continue operations almost as normal.

Everything will run as normal except the following, which will resume September 10th:

Sales of virtually all other items like films and accessories will continue as normal — which of course includes books –, so don’t restrict yourself.

In other news, Camera Hirano has informed us of a slight price increase of their hand-made leather camera cases. Effective from 1st September 2009, the price of all cases will be increased by Â¥2.000. Quality does never come cheap and this is no exception. Similar to many other products in our selection, we are very happy being able to offer these precious items for sale at all. Life’s too short to compromise on quality.