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Converted Contax G lens for Leica M Packages

As you know we have been offering lens modification services for Leica mounts via MS Optical for a while now. We have recently received many requests from folks out there who would like to have a Carl Zeiss Contax G lens on their Leica M mount camera but don’t already own the lenses. As an alternative to sending us a G lens for conversion, we are pleased to offer rangefinder-coupled Carl Zeiss Contax G lenses pre-converted by MS Optical ready for you to use on your Leica M mount camera. We hand-select the source lenses and then have them converted for you ready to use with minimal wait or cost. The full description of the lenses, photos, specs and FAQ can be found on a dedicated page.

The above image shows a Carl Zeiss G Biogon 28/2.8 converted to Leica M mount by MS Optical, Japan on a Konica Hexar RF with MS Optical Smart Slit Hood M46.