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A good photo podcast at last

I have been looking for a decent photography related podcast for a long time, and all I found was technique, technique and digital photography technique. Just like photo magazines really.

Then I came across Jeff Curto’s History of Photo recorded lectures. A must-hear for anyone not having studied photography or the visual arts. Even better when not seeing the pictures he is talking about!

Happy New Year!

From Germany #1

JOBO Duo Set 2502

Merry Christmas!

As you can see I am already preparing for the new year with a slightly changed site. I grew a little tired of Movable Type, never bothered upgrading to version 3, so I thought I should try switching altogether. So far so good, it was very easy to switch it over, just need to work on the looks of it now.

Meanwhile, it is time and there is time for some film processing at Christmas. As I have mentioned before, I bought a Jobo 2500 series drum for processing sheet film a while back. When I got it, they included two Duo Set 2502 reels for 35mm and 120 size film. The whole drum takes five reels in 35mm setting, but in Japan these reels are prohibitively expensive (about ¥6000 ea.). So while in Germany I managed to buy three more of them and I will try for the first time processing with this setup. I have never tried processing 35mm in a rotary processor, so let’s see how it goes. With five at a time, I may be able to clear my backlog soon – if it all works out.

More on PayPal credit card payments

The process of making credit card payments using PayPal is quite easy, but still troublesome for some customers. Customers who have trouble with credit card payments, please refer to this guide to complete your transaction successfully.

As a reminder, a transaction is only completed when you see the final confirmation screen. Incomplete transactions are unpaid purchases and cannot be fulfilled.

We wish everybody a happy new year. Our special prayers are with those who survived and those who perished in the South Asian earthquake disaster this week.

Canadian Dollars

Canadian Dollars is now available as a currency for browsing the web shop. Please select it from the menu on the bottom right.

Approaching the year end, things are rather quiet in Japan. We spend our time tidying and cleaning up the home, office and of course photographic equipment. Shops and post offices will close for a few days soon, so please expect a slower-than-usual turnaround of your orders.

We wish everybody a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year 2005!