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Converted Contax G lens for Leica M Packages

As you know we have been offering lens modification services for Leica mounts via MS Optical for a while now. We have recently received many requests from folks out there who would like to have a Carl Zeiss Contax G lens on their Leica M mount camera but don’t already own the lenses. As an alternative to sending us a G lens for conversion, we are pleased to offer rangefinder-coupled Carl Zeiss Contax G lenses pre-converted by MS Optical ready for you to use on your Leica M mount camera. We hand-select the source lenses and then have them converted for you ready to use with minimal wait or cost. The full description of the lenses, photos, specs and FAQ can be found on a dedicated page.

The above image shows a Carl Zeiss G Biogon 28/2.8 converted to Leica M mount by MS Optical, Japan on a Konica Hexar RF with MS Optical Smart Slit Hood M46.

Naniwa Colour Kit N, Smart Metal Lens Hoods, Fuji FI-800GT

Want to take control over your own colour film processing? Then the Naniwa Colour Kit N is the right choice for you. This is a very economic pack to process up 16 rolls of 135-36 or 10 rolls of 120. Using processing drums like the Jobo Expert drums, sheet film should be no problem either. In the case of large format sheet film and the high cost associated with processing them, you should break even easily for the cost of the drum after your first batch already! Obviously this also lets you cross-process your own slide film stock. A colour paper processing kit is also available.

We have expanded our line of products by MS Optical. The Smart Metal Lens Hoods are high quality vented lens hoods for rangefinder cameras. They feature several threads inside and outside of the hood. This allows attachment of filters and caps without the need to remove hood.

Owning a Kodak EK8 Instant Camera but about to throw it out due to the lack of films? Fuji FI-800GT can be modified easily to work with the EK8. Dig it out and spice up your instant life!

MS Optical R&D Leica viewfinder magnifiers

As a worldwide exclusive, we are extremely happy to be able to offer you unique viewfinder attachments for the Leica M rangefinder camera made by MS Optical R&D in Japan. Apart from an attractive price and great quality, these magnifiers also feature an dioptre adjustment facility. These magnifiers can turn your 0.72 viewfinder into a completely new camera without having to invest into a new body!

Please note that due to Leica patent restrictions, these products are not available to customers in Germany and the United States of America. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this. Legal opinion is currently sought on this matter.