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From the heart: FC Tokyo

Going to a football match in Japan must be one of the most enjoyable non-mainstream family activities. There is not a sign of violence, just pure enjoyment and emotional displays of passion, pride, hope, joy, and disappointment. And many other people with kids, all enjoying the game as it should be.

While other football fans may be spoiled by the quality of play and general skill from other places of the world, you will be amazed by the truly friendly and sincere atmosphere and surprised by the passion pouring out of what we mostly see as quiet Japanese. And don’t forget to take your rubbish with you when you leave!

I was introduced to FC Tokyo by my friend Koji, pictured with the “King of Tokyo” scarf, and I would like to say thanks to him this way. Of course Koji made sure I support the right team: FC Tokyo. Their home stadium is Ajinomoto Stadium in Tobitakkyu, reachable with Keio New Line from Shinjuku in about 20 minutes. See you at Ajista!

Vespa driver

Vespa driver on a restored machine, spotted in Ebisu, a part of Tokyo

Vespa driver, on a beautifully restored machine, Ebisu
I used to own a Vespa while living in London, and while it wasn’t as beautiful as this one, it was still great and I was part of the family. I often wish I still had it, I had to leave it behind when moving to Japan. But transport in London was terrible and expensive, and the scooter was the perfect solution. In Tokyo it just seems unnecessary. You can get a modern 200cc PX for around Â¥200.000, which is a very good price. Of course you cannot compare it to the prices of Japanese scooters.

I am torn whether this one looks better in colour or black & white. But it is very hard to judge something like this while seeing the two options next to each other.

Update: I have tweaked the colour cast and general saturation a little bit.