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Fortia SP, Konica Pan, MS Mag 0.85W

Fortia SP ultra-strong colour reversal film has always been advertised as a limited edition film and stocks have finally run out. We hope you managed to try one of those out. Let’s see if there will be another re-run or even a permanent film.

To the disappointment of many, Konica-Minolta has recently withdrawn from the photography business. This means that the remaining film products will also disappear. Konica Pan in 120 format is already gone and the 35mm films will also go the same way very soon.

Saving the good news for last, we are pleased to announce that after obtaining a patent specialist’s opinion, the MS Optical 0.85W magnifier (“minifier”) for Leica M viewfinders does not infringe the existing Leica patents and can thus be offered for sale worldwide. The 1.15 and 1.35 magnifiers remain limited to all countries except Germany and the United States.