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Rayqual M4/3 adapters on the Olympus E-P1

Rayqual Micro-Four-Thirds adapter on Olympus E-P1

A customer in Malaysia, who is obviously privileged enough to be given a private view of a final pre-production model of the forthcoming Olympus E-P1, sends us the above photo. In it you see a Carl Zeiss ZM Planar 50/2 mounted on the E-P1 by means of a Rayqual Leica M-M4/3 adapter for Leica M lenses.

He comments further:

The focusing is great because of the 3″ screen, plus you have the zoom function like the G1. In certain ways it is better than the G1…. the face detection works very well even with this manual lens. Without an EVF it is a bit odd and needs getting used to but it is a very solid camera though. Just imagine… an 100mm f2 ( 50mm x 2) image stabilized lens… this is mind blowing… the Rayqual really feels like a piece of precision engineering.

Looks like this will be an exciting year for M4/3.

Rayqual releases Nikon F and Contax/Yashica to Micro 4/3 lens adapter

Ahead of scheduled July 2009 Rayqual has released the two announced adapters for the Micro-Four-Thirds system (such as Panasonic Lumix G1 and the speculated digital Olympus Pen F).

As always these high quality MADE IN JAPAN adapters are made to high quality standards and allow photographers and cinematographers to reliably and precisely mount their Nikon F and Contax/Yashica lenses on modern digital bodies.

Pentax K, Olympus OM and Leica R versions will follow suit in August.