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Velvia, Provia, customs, QuickChange

Velvia 50 is back in production – in the UK at least. This is a surprise to many and we did not hear anything about it in Japan. We have some selected Velvia 50 films in stock, but do not plan to supply it in the long term, subject to Fujifilm future changes.

We have added Provia 400X in 35mm and 120 format to our selection. Be sure to try out this new high-speed reversal film stock.

We have had reports of negative experiences with customs authorities in the following countries: Canada (additional documentation for all shipping options, delays), Germany (opening of sheet film boxes, delays, charges), Italy (excessive delays). While we do our best to ensure a smooth import we remind customers that we are not responsible for all customs obligations to their authorities.

We have had confirmation that QuickChange cartridges have been phased out of production in March 2006 and supplier stocks are depleting. We have accumulated some film stock dated 12-2006 in Velvia and Provia and keep trying to offer used film holders while we have cartridges. The time of availability of the modern Grafmatics-type 4×5 film system is coming to an end and we recommend to make your purchase decision for holder or additional cartridges soon.