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Super Prodol Film Developer 5L

Super Prodol (SPD) is a rapid processing, push process developer provided in dry powder package. Achieves a 4-8 times increases in film speed with good control of grain; makes 5 litres of working solution for small tanks, 2.5 litres for machine processing. Capacity is 10 135/120 films per 1 litre. Can be replenished with SPD-R for machine use and result in 5000 films per 10 litres. For more information, please see

Instructions on package in Japanese only! Basic translation:

Mixing instructions:

While stirring 5 litres of warm water (20-40 deg C), pour in sachet contents gradually. Keep stirring until completely dissolved. Use complete sachet contents at once.

Development times chart based on first minute continuous agitation, then 5s every minute.

Capacity: 10 rolls 135/120 (increase time by 5-10% after 4th roll) per litre

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