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New Pro400 135-36 5 pack

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Professional-quality, high-speed, daylight-type, fine-grain, color negative film, incorporating Fujifilm'€™s proprietary 4th color layer.

Suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential.

High ISO speed of 400

Higher effective film speed and finer grain.

Wide exposure latitude

Faithful reproduction of neutral grays over a wide exposure range from underexposure to overexposure.

Superb skin tone reproduction

Superb skin-tone and hue reproduction with continuously smooth gradation from the highlights to the shadows without any washout.

Excellent three- dimensional appearance

Clearer colors in the highlights and appropriately controlled color saturation in the shadows to allow rendering of subjects with a feeling of three-dimensional realism.

Faithful color reproduction

Faithful color reproduction of scenes under a wide variety of lighting.

Addition of single-channel suitability

Negative density level unified with other PRO series films for maximum printing uniformity and efficiency.

35mm format, 5-pack.

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