SLR lens to Leica rangefinder adapter


MADE IN JAPAN quality precision adapter that allows mounting of various SLR mount lenses on Leica M or Leica Screw Mount (LTM) mount cameras.

The adapter is not fully rangefinder coupled. It will set the camera's rangefinder to a fixed distance of three meters. You will not be able to focus variably by means of the rangefinder patch, but the 3m setting and usual distance scale-based focussing should help a great deal. Recommended for lenses up to 50mm focal length. Activates 50/75 frame lines on Leica M cameras.

The following lens mounts are available:

  • Nikon F
  • Contax/Yashica
  • Pentax K
  • Olympus OM
  • Leica R
  • Minolta MD
  • Canon FD
  • Exakta/Topcor
  • M42 (Price ¥13.900)

Please specify your desired lens mount (listed above) and target camera mount when ordering.

Nikon G and Pentax DA type lenses cannot be used.

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