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Pentax K -> Canon EOS mount adapter

MADE IN JAPAN quality precision adapter that allows mounting of Pentax K mount lenses on Canon EOS mount cameras.

Please attach adapter to lens first, then the assembly to the camera body. Lens cannot be changed while adapter is attached to the body.

Adapter can only be used with camera bodies that allow mounting of EF-S lenses, such as Canon Digital Rebel/500/Kiss Digital, EOS 20D etc. Cannot be used on cameras D30, D60, 10D and possibly other EOS film cameras as the lens' aperture lever may interfere with the EOS camera's mirror box. These lenses need to be altered to be used carefree and even after modification can be used as before on Pentax mount cameras.

We take no responsibility for any damage caused to cameras by using this adapter on an incompatible camera/lens combination!

The following lenses need heavier modification as shown below (before/after): SMC PENTAX 15mm/F3.5, SMC PENTAX 20/F2.8, SMC PENTAX 28mm/F2.8 soft, SMC PENTAX 28mm/F2.8 AL

SMC PENTAX-A 15mm/F3.5 cannot be used on Canon EOS 5D even after modification.