Natura Classica N

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Point & shoot 35mm film camera with Fuji NP (Natural Photo i.e. natural depiction of scenes, e.g. by using available light only) mode technology. This mode can activated for high speed films (ISO 800 and higher).

Lens is a optical six element, five group 2x f/2.8-5.4 28-56mm Super-EBC Fujinon zoom lens, active autofocus ranging from 0.4m to infinity. Accepts films from ISO 50 to ISO 3200 (DX sensing). Automatic shutter lock if no film is inserted. Mid-film rewind facility. "Slow shutter mode" (2s - 1/360s). +/- 2 EV exposure compensation facility in half stop increments when not in NP mode. Date imprinting facility. Remote controllable (remote control not included).

An integrated pop-up flash ("Super Digital Program Flash") can be activated on demand via button or remain disabled, as per photographer's desire. Red-eye reduction function. Visible and audible under-exposure alert.

Exposure modes: slow-shutter mode, red-eye reduction mode, self-timer mode, remote control mode, landscape mode.

Black classsic compact camera body with a high-grade feel, designed for spontaneous photography. Powered by one lithium CR2 battery (not included as it cannot be shipped).

Dimensions: 109.5mm×62.0mm×36.0mm Weight: 155g excl. battery.

Note: All instructions for this camera in Japanese only!

See also this review for more details.