MS Super Triplet Perar 4/28


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Limited amount of pre-production lenses available at discounted price, identical to production except serial number is x/9 (i.e. only 9 were made).

MS Optical original design Super Triplet Perar 4/28 rangefinder lens in Leica M mount. Lenses designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Sadayasu Miyazaki.

Key features:

  • Very high optical quality triplet formula lens
  • Wide 24mm focal length, 74 degrees angle of view on 35mm size
  • Ultra compact design, weight 45g, 55g with hood, only 5.5mm thick
  • Premium quality Tantalum glass, superior to Trium and Lanthanum glass with best refractive qualities
  • Refined triplet design with two double thickness positive lenses, superior to Tessar design
  • 10 blade quasi-round aperture for smooth and pleasing bokeh (Made in Germany by Otto Niemann Feinmechanik GmbH, Berlin)
  • Minimum focus distance 0.8m, on mirrorless cameras 0.5-0.6m
  • ALL six glass surfaces multicoated, 97% light transmission
  • Vivid, real and beautiful color reproduction, high contrast high resolution images
  • Unique exposed front aperture (hood accepts 19mm size filters)
  • Second lot of n lenses, designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Sadayasu Miyazaki
  • Native Leica M mount, area for 6-bit coding

Please note that we cannot make reservations for serial numbers.

Includes lens, lens hood and caps. Accepts Leica Elmar thread (0.5 pitch) type 19mm filters mounted in supplied hood.

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