MS Optics Hipolion 19mm f/8 M mount

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MS Optical original design rangefinder lens in Leica M mount. Initial lot of lenses, designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Japan by Mr Sadayasu Miyazaki. 

Extreme wide-angle lens based on the Hypergon design developed by Emil von Höegh at Goerz at around the year 1900. The Hypergon is a symmetrical double anastigmat lens consisting of two spherical elements, also known as meniscus lenses. The symmetrical design insures complete freedom from distortion of straight lines. "This is a special lens for wide angle interiors, landscapes, architectural and panoramic pictures and should not be purchased with the idea that it can be used as lens for general photography." (Original product description from around 1900). 

The lens is designed for an optimum performance at working aperture of f8 or f16, however apertures from f2.8 to f5.6 can be used for a very soft focus effect.

Full frame rangefinder coupled Leica M lens with a physical length of 2.6mm, diameter of 50mm, and weight of 27g.

Key features:

  • 2 elements in 2 groups Hypergon formula lens
  • Compact design, weight just 27g (barely larger if not the same as a camera body cap, 50mm diameter)
  • 34mm filter/lens hood thread
  • Minimum focus distance 0.8m on Leica M, on mirrorless cameras 0.5-0.6m
  • ALL glass surfaces multicoated for maximum light transmission
  • Native Leica M mount, area for 6-bit coding
  • Anodised aluminium in black or silver finish

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For sample images, please see here.

Hipolion-19mm-DataSheet (Hipolion-19mm-DataSheet.pdf, 62 Kb) [Download]

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