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Instax mini 90 Neo Classic


Retro-inspired X series design, high-end Instax camera using Fujifilm Instax films. Various shooting modes, such as macro mode, double exposure mode, bulb mode (for up to 10 second exposures), kids mode (freezing fast action), party mode (slow synch flash), landscape mode (high depth of field) and flash fine tune facility.

Features control panel on the back of the camera to control parameters. Rechargeable battery and charger. 60mm f12 Fujinon lens, max. shutter speed 1/400th second.

ATTENTION: Fujifilm battery pack NP-45A included, spares available through standard retail channels world-wide.


Fujifilm Instant Colour Film instax mini

Film size

86mm × 54mm

Image Size

62mm × 46mm


Fujinon 2 Elements, 2 Groups, f=60mm F=12.7


Reverse Galilean type, 0.37 magnification, target marks, closeup paralleax correction

Focussing range

Fixed focus 0.3m~∞, standard mode: 0.6m~3m, landscape mode: 3m~∞, macro mode 0.1m~; electronic mode selection


Electronic shutter 1.8s~1/400s, bulb up to 10s


Manual aperture priority, ISO 800 LV 5.0~15.5, exposure compensation +/- 2/3 EV, +1EV

Film/Print Output


Flash Modes

Always on, always off, auto, recyle time 0.2-5s depending on battery charge, red-eye reduction mode


LCD emaining exposures display, flash mode, camera mode, exposure control, self-timer


Li-Ion battery pack NP-45A (shooting capacity for around 10 packs)


Shoulder strap, charger BC-45W, warranty card, instructions


113.4 × 91.9 × 57.2mm


296g (without batteries, strap, film)

Note: All instructions for this camera in Japanese only!Sample images can be found on manufacturer's gallery page.