GF670W Professional Silver

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55mm lens for detailed, dramatic wide-angle photography

Responding to many user requests for a wider version of the GF670, the new GF670W features a newly designed 55mm wide-angle lens for breathtakingly sharp images.

Compact yet highly durable thanks to its fixed-mount design, it's ready to expand your enjoyment of medium-format film, from snapshots to landscapes and mountain photography.

1:4.5 f=55mm EBC FUJINON LENS

The 55mm Fujinon lens is wideangle, and designed symmetrical that utilizes 10 elements in 8 groups for minimal distortion. Careful correction of astigmatism* assures consistently high image quality across the entire frame.

Small in size, big in performance, it's a lens that will bring new clarity and detail to your wide-angle photography.

*A lens aberration that causes points to be rendered as ovals or lines.

For More Information, including Technical Data, please visit the GF670W Professional Website

Note: All instructions for this camera in Japanese only!

GF670W Brochure (GF670W_Brochure.pdf, 792 Kb) [Download]

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