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GF670 Professional Black

Sold Out

Fujifilm GF670 Professional foldable medium format camera. Allows switching between 6x7 and 6x6 film formats.

Limited to 5000 cameras, BLACK Fujifilm version only available in Japan and equipped with the Fuji EBC (Electron Beam Coated) Fujinon lens. See here for a review.

Note: All instructions for this camera in Japanese only!

Camera Type

Medium Format Folding Rangefinder Film Camera

Image size

6x7 56x69mm, 6x6 56x56mm

Film Type

120/220 Type Rollfilm


Fujinon EBC 80/3.5 6 Elements, 4 Groups, Aperture f3.5-f22; angle of view 6x7 57 degrees, 6x6 53 degrees


Rangefinder double image type (rangefinder base 37mm), lightmeter/shutter spead display, film format selector indicator, 0.7x magnification, adjustable 6x7/6x6 framelines, automatic parallax and field correction, M19 thread for diopter correction lenses and other accessories

Focussing range

Helicoid type, 0.9m~∞


Electronic leaf shutter B, 4s~1/500s (1/250s up to f4), flash synch at all speeds


Electronic centre weighted metering, EV0.5~18 (ISO 100), silicone cell (SPD), exposure compensation +/-2 EV in third stop increments, auto-exposure and manual modes

Film speed

ISO 25 - 3200 (in third stop increments)

Film advance


Frame counter

Mechanical, auto reset, adjusts automatically to 6x7/6x6


1 x CR2 Lithium (included)


Tripod socket, standard mechanical cable release socket, flash synch socket, film indicator pocket, strap included


W178 x H109 x D138mm (when folded 64mm)


1000g (without batteries, strap, film)