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Canon FD-M4/3 adapter for Canon FD lenses

MADE IN JAPAN quality precision adapter that allows mounting of Canon FD lenses on Micro Four-Thirds body like that of Panasonic Lumix G1.

Instructions for shooting with lenses mounted via this adapter:

  • Be sure that lens aperture is NOT in A position when attaching the lens to the adapter
  • In the menu options choose no lens
  • Focussing is manual
  • Shooting mode is Auto (aperture priority)
  • Set focussing mode dial on left hand side of camera for magnification of finder image for more accurate focussing; release button for framing of the scene.
Be sure that latest firmware is applied for smooth operation.

When attaching the lens to the adapter (off-camera recommended) be sure to move the lens slightly counter-clockwise to first engage the pin before then continuing to twist it clockwise again to mount the lens (see also the diagram on the adapter). Watch the position and interaction of the pin and lens lever as you make these moves with the lens.