Smart Metal Lens Hood M46

High quality smart vented lens hood for rangefinder cameras. Features two threads on front to attach filters and caps without the need to remove hood. Inner thread lens-facing is 62mm, outer thread at hood is 58mm. The shade part can be unscrewed and the 62mm filter sandwiched.

For lenses with 46mm filter thread.

For 28, 35 and 50mm lenses, e.g. Leica Elmarit M 28/2.8, Leica Summicron M 28/2, Zeiss Biogon T 28/2.8, Ultron 28/1.9, Hexanon 28/2.8, Zeiss Planar 35/2, Hexanon 35/2, Leica Summilux M 35/1.4 ASPH, Leica Summilux M 50/1.4.


Step up ring available for lenses with 48mm filter thread.

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