MS-MAG x1.8 magnifier for Leica M

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Magnifier for Leica M viewfinders, aiding focussing accuracy when using longer lenses of 75mm focal length and above.

Key features:

  • x1.8 magnification of the viewfinder image
  • four lens surfaces multicoated for bright optical image. The only product of its kind to feature this.
  • stepless variable diopter adjustment facility (-3.0 ~ +1.5)

ATTENTION: due to Leica patent restrictions, this product is not available to customers for rangefinder camera use in Germany and the United States of America!

UPDATE: Even though primary intended use for this product is on cameras, we understand that it can be adapted for use on other optical equipment (telescopes, spotting scopes etc.). In such cases, please contact us for details.

ACHTUNG: Aufgrund bestehender Leica Patentrechte ist dieses Produkt nicht für den Gebrauch an Messsucherkameras in Deutschland und USA verfügbar!

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