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MS-MAG Nikon S2 RF adapter

Sold Out

Adapter to use MS-MAG x1.35, MS-MAG x1.15 or and other Leica viewfinder accessories including Leica Camera's diopter correction lenses and magnifiers on Nikon S2 RF cameras.

Magnifier screws into the adapter which is attached to the Nikon S2 eyepiece ring by means of three locking screws. Very secure fit.

Only 20 made, while stocks last.

Caution: the screws are very small and easy to loose. Please take care to work on a surface that helps you finding them in case they are dropped during the work. An M1.8 precision slit screwdriver is required for installation.

Customer comment: took me 2 mins - tops -- with a nice 1.4mm screw driver -- works like a charm! i'm very thrilled by this -- i was > < that close to selling my S2's due to bad eyesight! i'd like another one, please :-)

Camera and magnifier not included!