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Bulletins on new products, special offers and other news in our web shops

New shipping option: SAL

As a low budget option we now offer SAL shipping, an inexpensive, low-priority service, with around 2-3 weeks transit time. Like small packet airmail this type of package is neither insured nor trackable and we do not take responsibility for items lost or delayed in transit. It is however a viable alternative and with careful advance planning and ordering could be a great way of lowering your expenses even further. SAL is particular cost-effective for packages around 1kg, where it comes in at almost half the price of small packet airmail. So if you have time and are on a budget, choose SAL.

RSS Feeds now available

Get shop news via RSS instead of checking the site or signing up for a newsletter. An unobtrusive way of staying up to date with what is happening at the Megaperls Japan Webshop. Please follow this button RSS or simply paste http://www. into your RSS reader, which should do the rest automatically for you.

Neopan 35mm Test Sets

Not everyone is fully familiar with the Neopan range of black-and-white films by Fujifilm. Before you commit to a particular emulsion, it may be worth trying out a few rolls and see how you like it and how it behaves with your darkroom workflow. Neopan 35mm Test Set A
includes three rolls of 35mm film with 36 frames each of one type, Neopan 35mm Test Set B four rolls of 35mm film with 36 frames each, one of each kind. This set is for the impatient, who want to get familiar with all the films at the same time. Happy testing!