Photograph Note No. 3, by Various Artists

Published in March, 2009, this must-have "mook" (magazine book) is yet another wonderfully produced gem from Japanese publishing. This issue's theme is "Photographing the City," and that is explored through the work of the following photographers:

Daido Moriyama
Taiji Matsue
Hideaki Uchiyama
Koji Onaka
Mikiya Takimoto
Masataka Nakano
Toshio Shibata
Shintaro Sato

Each photographer is afforded anywhere between 10 - 18 pages, featuring mainly reproductions of their city-themed work, as well as various on-location spreads, or looks at the artists' lab or office workspace. Text is of course all in Japanese, but a conservative text-to-photo ratio would be about 1:5.