Kaze no Tabibito No. 36

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Kaze no Tabibito is not a photography magazine per se, but each issue of the quarterly (soon to change to only 3 issues per year, sadly) features great photography, and Issue No. 36 (published February 2009) is no exception.

This issue's theme is the "tumbling of the years", and is dominated by three extended photo essays: "Remembrance of a Remote Past" by Kikuji Kawada; "Japan: a chapter of image, 1961" by the late W. Eugene Smith; and "Postwar Tokyo: 50 Years of Changes" by Yasuhiro Ishimoto.

Kawada's 33-page spread (see images #3, 4, and 5 for samples) is of photos taken between 1953 to 1966, some of which are from his famous book 地図 (The Map). Smith's photos (a 16-page spread -- see images #6 and 7) are taken from the book he published in 1963 of the same name, of the photographs he took in 1961 under the commission of Hitachi. Last but not least, Ishimoto's whopping 40-page spread (see images #8, 9, and 10 ) chronicles 50 years of postwar Japan from the 50's to the 90's.