IMA Magazine Vol. 1


With a name meaning "Now" and a typically exuberant (and English) tagline of "Living with Photography", IMA is an exciting new 2012 addition to the Japanese photography magazine scene, filling a void in printed media left when Photographica ceased publication in 2011.

Although all text in the issue is only in Japanese -- other than the use of English stylistically in titles and such -- the magazine is accessible to non-Japanese because the focus here is really on the photos, and each issue a packed with series by and features on a wide variety of both Japanese and non-Japanese photographers.

In this issue -- please note that although "Vol. 1" appears on the cover, this is actually the second issue of the planned quarterly magazine, the first issue carrying the curious "Vol. 0" -- one will find the following photographers featured (not an exhaustive list): Yoko Asakai, Ann Woo, Miyako Ishiuchi, Shoji Ueda, Ed van der Elsken, Shigeo Gocho, Terry Richardson, Thomas Demand, Yurie Nagashima, Hisaji Hara, Takashi Homma, Mike Disfarmer, Daido Moriyama, Ryan McGinley, Larry Sultan, Richard Avedon, Roger Ballen, Loretta Lux, Jurgen Teller, and Shingo Wakagi.

Softcover, 29cm x 22cm. Published in August, 2012.