ASPHALT V, by Various Artists

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This is the fifth installment in the black and white photography journal ASPHALT, edited by the famed photo editor Akira Hasegawa, who made a name for himself editing such classic books as Karasu ("Ravens") by Masahisa Fukase, and Journey to Nakaji by Daido Moriyama, among many others.

In this issue, ASPHALT founder Atsushi Fujiwara contributes a photo essay on Kagoshima, and New York Times-noted up-and-coming Chinese photographer Muge is featured with a series entitled "Go Home" about the displacement caused by China's Three Gorges Dam construction project. Yoshiaki Tokumoto is also featured, and as always, there is an introductory essay by Hasegawa.

Softcover, 26cm x 21cm, all captions as well as Hasegawa's introduction in both Japanese and English. Limited print run of 650 (issues #1-3 have all sold out).