TYO-WTC, by Taiji Matsue


Taiji Matsue graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in geology, and his unique aerial landscape works bear a geological imprint to them even as they are by nature far removed from the soil. More recently, Matsue has turned his aerial-bound camera toward cities, and these give us a sense that Matsue is perhaps now more interested in urban ecology.

TYO-WTC features just four locations, photographed over and over again from slightly different perspectives. What may sound like a boring conceptual exercise is anything but, as each perspective challenges us to question the assumptions we had just seconds before, knowing that when we turn the page the assumptions will be shifted ever so slightly once again.

Collector Daily has an insightful review of the book.

Softcover, 14.8cm × 18.8cm, 112 pages, 97 color and b/w reproductions. Accompanied by an essay by Shino Kuraishi in Japanese and English.

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