Twin Boat (Signed), by Koji Onaka


This look back at black and white photos shot by Koji Onaka from 1988 to 1998 was published by Session Press in New York, and edited by Miwa Susuda, in a printing of 700 copies, half of which were made available to Japan.

The photos were all shot at roughly the same time as Slow Boat, the 2003 book produced by Schaden, and Onaka views this book as a "little sister" to the "big brother" of that work. The book finds Onaka on his customary travels to various parts of Japan, delighting in -- and making us delight in turn -- in the seemingly banal and commonplace scenery and views he finds. As Onaka writes in the afterword,

While I was a bit surprised by the narrative of adolescent first love that [Miwa Susuda] constructed from the photographs I provided, any initial trepidation soon gave way to elation. Her unique editorial sense achieves a storyline I could not have produced on my own. I am delighted that work created long ago in my twenties and thirties in small towns in Japan has thus captured her imagination and now resonates with her contemporary existence in New York.

Hardcover, 26cm x 23cm, 68 pages, 57 b/w reproductions. Afterword, artist biography, and captions in Japanese and English. Published in 2013. Signed by the artist on the front flyleaf.

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