Tsugaru, by Daido Moriyama


Published in November, 2010, Daido Moriyama's latest book is comprised of work shot in 1976 during his visit to the towns within the surrounding areas of the Tsugaru plain, particularly around Goshogawara in northeastern Aomori Prefecture. Tsugaru has long had an emotional pull for many Japanese, as evidenced in countless enka songs and films, and has had a similar pull for Moriyama himself. Indeed, the whole north of Japan as long influenced or served as locales for Moriyama, in such works as Tono Monogatari, and the recent publications of 70s work shot in Hokkaido (Northern, Northern 2, and Northern 3).

As Moriyama wrote earlier this year,

Within my memory the Tsugaru plain throughout the four seasons has been a region enveloped by very strong winds. At one time I somehow became constantly interested in the name of the town, Goshogawara , and as if being drawn to it, went there to shoot my photographs. For a while afterwards for some reason or another, I would continue to drop by Tsugaru. There were many towns with mysterious names which stirred my imagination such as Kizukuri, Kuroishi, Kanagi, Shariki, and Jyusan, and within those landscapes with my camera in one hand I too, would swiftly brush past like the wind.

Hardcover, 32.5cm x 24cm, 144 pages, 82 b/w reproductions. Limited edition of 1000.

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