traveling tree, by Ayako Mogi


Ayako Mogi was Nobuyoshi Araki's juror's selection for the CANON New Cosmos of Photography competition in 1992. Now living in an artist community she established together with her husband, the filmmaker Werner Penzel, on Awaji Island (in Japan's Seto Inland Sea), between 1997 to 2009 she lived in Europe, and this book brings together largely personal images shot during that time. As Mogi writes in the afterword,

The moment simply must appear before me, and spotting it like a hunter, I unconsciously press the camera shutter button, or press the shutter button of my soul and store it somewhere within my memory instead. I feel that all this time, the "undefinable", has always been a key element. Scenes that I, unaware, had always taken for granted, would suddenly appear utterly different, and its profound mystery would rise before me as a great wonderment stirs in me. The photographs in this book were taken from such experiences.

Hardcover, 21cm x 25cm, 132 pages, 103 color reproductions. Afterword by Mogi in Japanese and English. Published in October, 2013.

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