Tokyo Blues 1977, by Nobuyoshi Araki


This is an exhibition catalog for a 2013 show of Nobuyoshi Araki work from 1977. According to the gallery, the series revolved around "a 'made-up' documentary that begins with a woman from Kyushu, whom Araki met. She moves from her hometown to Tokyo. Araki felt the women he encountered and their pasts were ‘blues’-like, became attached to their ‘performances,’ and ‘reproduced’ them."

As Araki himself wrote that same year (in the April, 1977 issue of Camera Mainichi magazine),

Documentary, photography, and the camera are all about performance. Performance is truth and it must be reproduced. Women, men, and the city are all protagonists. They all perform and live. They perform as best they can to live.

Softcover, 19cm x 23cm, 48 pages, 43 reproductions.

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