Tokoyo no Mushi (Signed), by Yoshiichi Hara


The title of this book by the criminally under-recognized Yoshiichi Hara translates to "The Insect God of the Eternal Life," and takes its inspiration from the story of an obscure religious cult of the insect in ancient Japan, which was discovered by Hara in a 7th century chronicle. As Hara writes,

Religions tell us something about eternal life after our death. Some believe we are to be reborn in the insects' world. I wonder if this is true for me. Whatever it is I admit to feel totally free and relieved, after I could give this historically tough theme my own answer in this book.

Hardcover, 21cm x 29cm, 84 pages, 75 photo reproductions. Afterword by Hara in both Japanese and English. Published March, 2013 in a limited printing of 600. Signed by the artist.

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