The World of Nobuyoshi Araki

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Special edition "Mook" (Magazine Book) about Araki, published in 1982. The publishing juggernaut that is today's Araki didn't get started until the 1990s, making any book from the 80s or prior a rare glimpse into the photographer's development before he became the icon he now is.

Please keep in mind that this item has a fair amount of untranslated Japanese text in it. "Plates" figure below refers to the number of photographs reproduced in this item.

  • Publisher:
  • Published Year: 1982
  • ISBN: n/a
  • Edition/Printing: n/a
  • Condition: Fine. Spine and edge of cover is slightly sunned.
    Front cover creased near spine through normal use.
  • Spine: Softcover
  • Dustcover?: No
  • Size: cm x cm
  • Pages: 202
  • Plates: 125