The Holy Land New Orleans, The Saint Louis Armstrong, by Yoshio and Keiko Toyama

In the late 60's, Yoshio Toyama, together with his musician wife Keiko, made a pilgrimage to New Orleans to study and play music, and to be closer to Toyama's hero, Louis Armstrong, whom he had cheekily met at a Tokyo concert as a kid in 1964.

This book brings together the Toyamas' recollections of the five years they spent in New Orleans, their "holy land". Although there are short text essays scattered throughout the book, mainly the book is made up of photographs the Toyamas took during their five year stay, including intimate portraits of Armstrong and a raft of photos from the dixieland jazz scene.

This is a wonderful profile on the "Satchmo of Japan" Yoshio Toyama, and his Wonderful World of Jazz Foundation that every year donates money and musical instruments to young people in New Orleans.

Hardcover, dustcover, 19cm c 13cm. 216 pages. Text in Japanese only, some photo captions in English.