The Children Living in Washington Heights, 1959-1962, by Gasho Yamamura


Selected by photobook consultant Miwa Susuda as one of the best photobooks of 2012.

While a photography student at Nihon University, Osaka-born Gasho Yamamura took photographs in and around Washington Heights, a vast residential complex built in 1947 to house American military and civilian personnel attached to the various U.S. military installations around Tokyo after World War II. (It closed in 1963 and became one of Tokyo's most popular open spaces, Yoyogi Park.) Yamamura's subjects were primarily children. With their Halloween masks and hammed-up poses for Yamamura's camera, the photos are like a cross between Yasuhiro Ishimoto's photos of Chicago kids and Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

The online photography magazine Two Dogs recently featured photographs from this series.

Softcover, with slipcase; 28cm x 21cm, 344 pages. Text in Japanese and English. Limited printing of 1000 copies.

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