Tabloid, by Takuma Nakahira


Tabloid is a large A3-sized (11.5" x 16.5") tabloid of sorts, feature color photographs taken over between 2006-08 by Takuma Nakahira, one of the founding members of the Provoke group of the early 1970s. Beginning with his first book For a Language to Come (1971) Nakahira saw his job as a photographer to "dismantle self-consciousness" inherent in being an artist.

Many years on, and on the other side of losing his ability to communicate through spoken and written language in the late 1970s due to severe amnesia brought on by acute alcohol poisoning, Nakahira continues to dismantle, even if superficially the work doesn't carry the over political stridency and provocativeness of his Provoke-era work.

Softcover, A3, 16 pages, 16 color reproductions.

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