Stravinsky Overdrive, by Osamu Kanemura

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This 2010 publication from small Japanese publisher Super Labo reproduces part of a series of photos noted Japanese photographer Osamu Kanemura (Spider's Strategy) took in the year 2000. Says Kanemura:

"Stravinsky Overdrive" is the series of the photographs that I have taken for two years from 2000 in Tokyo as well as in various cities in Japan including Osaka, Hiroshima, Gumma, and Hachinohe. This series which consists of nearly 80 photographs were firstly exhibited in Helsinki in 2002. I'm not interested in the endemic memories that each city has. Rather, I prefer an extreme mess of material objects in the city just like the surface of the Jackson Pollock’s painting.

Softcover, 16cm x 22.5cm, 24 pages, 11 b/w photos. Limited to a print run of 500, published by small Japanese publisher Super Labo in 2010.