Still Lake, by Liu Ke


Still Lake is No. 3 in a growing series of small monographs by Zen Foto Gallery in Tokyo's Shibuya district to accompany their exhibitions. This monograph features the work of Liu Ke, a Chinese photographer in his 30s. Still Lake -- the title comes from a poem by Mao Zedong -- was shot in the areas affected by the Three Gorges Dam project, and specifically in the city of Chongqing.

Through a series of portraits, both posed and candid, as well as everyday scenes, Liu Ke evinces a keen eye not just for the downtrodden and weary people of this area, but with his square format camera frames them in a way that gives them the dignity they deserve.

Softcover, 18cm x 25cm, 34 pages, 32 photos. Print run of 500 copies. Afterword by Zen Foto director Mark Pearson available in English, Japanese, and Chinese.