Stakeout Diary, by Yukichi Watabe

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Yukichi Watabe, a relatively unknown figure outside of Japan up until a few years ago, documented as a freelance photographer the investigation of a grisly murder that had occurred in the city of Mito (about 125 km northeast of Tokyo) in 1958, by following two police detectives. This is the same material that led to the publication of A Criminal Investigation that was published in 2011 by French publisher Xavier Barral. A good background story on how that book came into being has been penned by French-based curator Marc Feustel.

Although much of the material is of course the same, what sets this edition apart and makes it worth owning in its own right is that the publisher has worked with Watabe's son Hiroyuki, who gave them access to the original negatives.

Originally available with three distinct covers, only two are left. Please choose which cover you would like. (The second image in the slideshow shows the second cover image.)

Hardcover, 23cm x 30cm, 104 pages, 70 b/w reproductions. Published in 2013.

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