Simmon: A Private Landscape (Signed), by Eikoh Hosoe


Simon Yotsuya is the stage name for an artist and Situation Theater actor who eventually came to prominence for his dolls, which have been exhibited around the world. In 1970, Simon Yotsuya -- his name comes from his love of Nina Simone and the Tokyo district he lived in at the time -- collaborated with Eikoh Hosoe on a series of portraits that placed a made-up and effeminate Yotsuya in a variety of Tokyo settings. The series, titled The Prelude of Yotsuya Simon, can be considered an urban follow-up of sorts to Hosoe's portraits of Butoh dance founder Hijikata Tatsumi in the Yamagata countryside that were published as Kamaitachi.

Although exhibited widely throughout Hosoe's career, the series was never published in book form (except for an extremely limited set of 20 copies) until early 2012 -- the result is a beautiful book complete with a stylishly loud red cloth cover that seems in keeping with how Simon is portrayed in the work.

You can find a very extensive review of this book here.

In the words of a French customer, "This is one of the most beautiful photobooks I have ever seen."

Hardcover (cloth covered), with slipcase. 37cm x 27cm, 84 pages, 36 b/w photos. Signed by Hosoe and numbered. Printing run of 900.