Shibuya, Shibuya, by Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Published in 2007, this book features images Ishimoto shot at the famed "Shibuya Crossing" intersection in the Shibuya district of Tokyo between 2003 - 2006. For the most part Ishimoto shoots his subjects from behind, which at first blush would seem to be a cop out. But via the clothing -- especially the various images and text of t-shirts -- and hair and shoes we get a melange of imagery and representation which is both abstract and concrete (often literally the concrete sidewalk) at the same time.

  • Publisher: Heibonsha
  • Published Year: 2007
  • Edition/Printing: 1st/1st
  • New/Used: New
  • Spine: Hardcover
  • Dustcover?: Yes
  • Size: 26cm x 23cm
  • Pages: approx. 200
  • Plates: 190

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