Shakyou ronin nikki, by Nobuyoshi Araki


A new (October, 2011) publication from Araki, wherein he employs his customary time-stamping on the photos to present a visual diary. Here, the subtitle of "2011.3.11→" tells us, even if the photos themselves don't explicitly say so, that he started this particular collection with photos shot the same day as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

The subject matter are familiar Araki motifs of toy figures, flowers, the sky, and various models in various stages of undress. In the recent past, Araki has taken to painting on these familiar photos. However, for this diary, Araki choose an altogether more violent intervention -- scratching the negatives themselves.

Softcover, 21cm x 19.8cm, 213 pages, 283 b/w photos