Scars (Signed), by Miyako Ishiuchi


Where previously Miyako Ishuichi had photographed the ruins of apartment buildings, their scars obvious for all to see, in the 90s, she took to photographing human scars, those normally hidden from view.

Writes Ishiuchi in the afterword: "Scars generally carry a rather negative connotation. They are not shown to others, not exhibited in public, and are to be kept quietly hidden away, or measures are taken so that they won't be seen -- they belong to an extremely private realm. I take photographs of such scars, which are so very like a personal secret."

Hardcover, 29cm x 21cm, 120 pages, 43 b/w photos. Signed by the artist. Essay by Aki Kusumoto and afterword by Ishuichi in both Japanese and English.

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